Mounting: Once a signage project becomes a reality, it must be assembled correctly so that its heritage and lifespan match the materials used and your vision. The way the sign is installed usually greatly affects the way the sign is displayed.

If the mounting hardware does not allow the sign to be illuminated or is particularly difficult to install, all these factors will change the effectiveness of the sign. Because we do the installations, we take into account the logo design so we understand what type of mounting surface will be best used with a specific type of logo. 

Environment: The environment in which the logo is installed is equally important to ensure the appearance of the final product, but it also becomes the determining factor of what type of material is used, what type of lighting system may be needed, and what type of lighting system may be required. Installation goes beyond the sign and the materials it is installed in; it also involves a thorough review of the environment in which it appears and consideration of all other factors. This may also mean having to deal with weather factors such as extreme cold, extreme heat, or very dry weather, These factors affect the life and long-term appearance of a sign.

Logistics: Tahmoor Signs find themselves in some very amazing situations and have completed outstanding projects that matched the satisfaction of our customers. Customized signs require flexible installerrs with troubleshooting capabilities.