Car & Vehicle Signs

We offer a wide variety of vehicle graphics solutions including full-vehicle wraps, partial wraps, printed decals, digital cut vinyl and magnetic sign which provide visual impressions. Wheather you have a single car,  a dozen vans, or a fleet of trucks, our custom vehicle graphics will turn heads at all hours of the day and night!

Vehicle Wraps

Looking for new ways to increase the visibility of your business? We can add a vehicle wrap to your vehicle either a full or partial wrap. The wrap material can be a selected colour from the extensive range or we can print any image onto the wrap material then apply it to your vehicle.

Printed vehicle wrap

The printed vehicle wrap is just that. We print on specilaty developed vehicle wrap vinyl, laminate the printed vinyl with the applicable specific over laminate, then apply the vinyl to the vehicle.

Racing Car 02

Printed and profile cut sigange 

This process starts with printing the image then laminated to protect the printed vinyl. The laminated print is then put into the cutter to profile cut the shape around the image.

2020 02 06 Team Penguin  Orangutan


Digital cut vinyl

A very clean look is using digital cut vinyl. The image is cut out of the applicable coloured vinyl then the excess removed.


One Way Vision for Rear Windows

One Way Vision is a printed vinyl with very small holes (perforated) with an adhesive backing. It would complement a vehicle wrap.

The perforated holes allow visibility from the inside out but when viewing from the outside you can only see the printed image. We also apply a optically clear laminate which protects the print from dirt, water and wiper movement.


Custom Magnets

Magnets are popular for commercially driven cars, trucks, vans and other vehicles requiring the signage be removed and attached periodically. It only takes a few seconds to remove the magnetic sign from one vehicle to another. They are also a practical choice for school / church buses and vans.

Make magnetic signs a novel way to make a statement on your private vehicle or add the name of your property onto a vehile. You can even use your last name or hobby to identify your vehicles in a fun way.