Safety Signs

 We specialize in the printing of Safety, Danger and Warning signs. If required, we can print your sign onto reflective vinyl so they can be seen both day and night.

We print in house our Safety Signs in Reflective or Non-Reflective vinyls on a variety of substrates including, Aluminium, Aluminium Composite, Colourbond Steel, HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene), Zinc (steel), Corflute and no substrate as a Self Adhesive Sticker

Reflective vinyls come in 2 Classes. Class 1 is the same as road directional and speed signs, where Class 2 is lesser reflective than Class 1.

We have a large range of symbols we can add to your specific text and can design the sign to suit your requirements and sizes. If you need a specific image or symbol in your sign, just let us know and we'll create it for you.

Safety signs convey specific messages to those who may be exposed to danger in the workplace. The message can be used to prevent accidents, indicate health hazards, indicate the location of safety and fire-fighting equipment, or provide guidance and guidance in emergency situations. The Australian standard covering safety signs specifies the design and use of safety signs. These safety signs are identified by color and shape:

Prohibition signs       

Prohibition signs

These signs indicate that you should not do something. They consist of a red circular border and a cross line passing through it, white background, and a black symbol.

Mandatory Sign


Mandatory signs

 These signs tell you to wear some special safety equipment. They consist of a pure blue circle and a white symbol.

Restriction signs


Restriction signs

These signs indicate restrictions on activities or use in the relevant area. They consist of a red circular border, no cross lone, and a white background.

Hazard warning signs


Warning signs
These signs warn you of hazards or health risks. They consist of a yellow triangle with a black border and a black symbol.
See Warning Signs below.



Emergency Information Signs

These signs indicate the storage location of emergency safety equipment and consist of solid green background with white graphic and / or text.



Fire signs

These signs tell you the location of fire alarms and fire-fighting equipment. They consist of red background with white text and graphic.



Danger Hazard signs

Danger signs warn of a particular hazard or hazardous condition that could be life-threatening. They have the word DANGER in white on a red background, a black border, and black text and if required an image.

Warning Sign   Warning Signs

Warning signs are to warn of any hazards or a hazardous condition that is not likely to be life threatening. The hazard symbol should be black on a yellow background and a triangle should be depicted around the hazard symbol. The wording is in black lettering.



Goods signs

Also known as the dangerous chemical signs and is defined in the Australian Dangerous Goods Code. They are used to indicate what is containes the tank or packaging and how it should be stored and transported.

    Other Sign Types
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