Outdoor advertising has always been one of the most effective and fashionable ways of business advertising. Regardless of how many other advertising sources there are and how many new ones appear with the development of technology. Outdoor advertising continues to occupy an important place in advertising a business.

Lighted signs in particular attract high customer traffic. This type of advertisement will catch the eye and is very common among different brands and proven to be extremely successful.

blank advertising panel city night 23 2147845868What Is Light Box Signage?

Light boxes are  luminous signs and are often located under an awing or on the front wall of a shop or business.

Typically, light boxes are made of a combination of aluminum and acrylic materials. They use LED lighting that provide 24/7 visibility. These materials are very durable.

1. Light Box Signs 

This type of illuminated signs can be single-sided or double-sided. Double-sided signs have twice the illuminance.

 2. Push Through Signs

A push-thru sign is when the aluminum or acrylic face is cut out with the shape of the letters, then the acrylic letters are "pushed thru" the face. This gives the sign dimension and greater readability.

The sign can illuminate from the face and sides of the letters or just the sides, giving it a nice edge lighting and elegance. 

3. Halo-Lit Signs

This type of sign has individual letters or logo. They are mounted to a wall indiviuadly. Halo lit are ringed by light. This effect is created using backlighting, which spills out from the edge of each letter, but not the front of the letters themselves. Examples of halo lit channel letter signs can be viewed below.


 4. Pylon / Frame Signs

Frames are manufactured out of steel and can be mounted on reinforced concrete footings or concreted into the ground. These type of signs may be subject to council regulations/approval and may also require an engineer's specification report. 

The sign itself may be luminous or non lit.